hot bods


the ballz body droppa went down well and attracted some welcome attention


every corner covered


ballz ain't happy though, it still needs to be lower :-o


marcel from kieft & klok handing out some necklaces ;-). i had fun hanging out with the kieft & klok / java krews at the jam. see ya all real soon

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Good Times! The panel looks ace!
Cheers, Niels

Posted by: Niels - AirMighty.com | 07/22/2008

hey beaks,
yea the panel looks ace but what aboottttt the bbbbiiiirrrrdies at the jam, wwwwoooooowwwww hot stuff.
back to reality go easy on da gaffa 2moro he worked his magic and restored ma faith in ma rotton old split :-) good work fella!!!
check oot ma dog on da t2d blog f***in mental
and finally ta muchly again fur ma coo's wash!!!
take it easy, richie ;-)

Posted by: richierich37 | 07/22/2008

wickid dudes we had a blast thx fo every thing

Posted by: XXXmarcelXXX | 07/22/2008

How about some of your beakers babes on your traders stand at vw action, should help sell some of your t's

Posted by: garry | 07/22/2008

hey garry i wish mate, i've been trying belive me ;-)

hey marcel see ya soon and talk ta ya man ;-)

hey richie no worries for you anytime

hey niels ballz is chuffed and cheers


Posted by: beaker | 07/23/2008

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