van beakal-in

garys vans had some ballz in it and on it today. new cab floor in and lots of ideas in matts head ready for his weekend special ballz project ;-), while the c word was out back in the make go bit. then jarbless jared fitted some tunez. new screen in tomorrow with some new rubber action too

jarbless jared has also been doing the wiring thing on the two toner


mr death popped in to collect his rims for his zephyer ready for the bug jam this weekend

got some 3's in too. martins grey square is in for some tweeks now that he's got the drag race bug.

i've been boll**k poppin' today getting the display beam back on display :-o. (no boll**ks were harmed in the making of this photo)

the t2d/ t3d merchandise range is growing. the only mug to use and the best way to keep ya keys togev or. want one you know the routine, bell us up yeah

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