t2d kieft en klok rometsch project

thursday afternoon the kieft en klok rometsch looked like this on their trade stand then.............

...........after a chat with matt ballz and paul the rometsch was over at the t2d stand for a t2d makeover. gotta love those crazy kieft en klok guys :-) hey boyzzz see ya in a couple of weeks


............the ballz was on it with paul and brett as well. this was about 18.20 local time


its on, those kieft en klokas dropped over a new box and race engine along with a fuel tank and some goodies from csp


paul getting the wiring sorted with some cherry beer to help


even dyno don popped over to give some support

getting darker and more people over to see whats going down


getting darker but still going


slammed more all round engine in, new brake lines, discs all round new exhaust new shifter new fuel lines and tank and also a seat fitted and all done by 0.20.


down and near enough ready to start apart from a battery and an earth strap. what a project and what a night. there were a number of people involved in the end and it was good to see everyone gel and work as a team to get the rat romtesch done. good job


matt having a much deserved beer. good work da ballz. theres only one matt ballz and thats him right there


saturday morning and paul and matt off for a spin


sounded awesome too.


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what a great weekend, loved every minute good to meet everyone from keiftenklok

Posted by: matt balls | 07/08/2008

great time We did great guys, it was so nice meeting you guys as well. looking forward to drink some beers in a couple of weeks and talk about our next project...

Posted by: maurice klok | 07/09/2008

good to meet you guys too. heres to some future projects together. see you soon dudes

Posted by: beaker | 07/10/2008

insane seeya gays next weekend anchorman!!!!

Posted by: XXXmarcelXXX | 07/11/2008

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