beakersblogs back

beakersblogs back from bug-in and back up and running after shall we say some technical issues :-).


many more photos to follow from what was an awesome weekend, surrounded by hot cars and top people. lots of vidja action too :-o. more later


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get your pics up, didnt see much of the show too drunck in the vip tent

Posted by: Ivarner Phelyaboobie | 07/07/2008

must still be a bit drunk, just read my message.

Posted by: Ivarner Phelyaboobie | 07/07/2008

999 EBI#2 Pics online! Ey guys, just wanted to lek you know I've uploaded a lot of pics on my website... :D
Be sure to check them out.
Cheers, Niels

Posted by: Niels - AirMighty.com | 07/08/2008

got some good ones as usual. good to see you

Posted by: beaker | 07/10/2008

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