ffffffflattt outtt

richies is up and running and sounding pretty pretty pretty good. be sure to keep an eye out for this on the strip at the ebi2 this weekend


the link pin bay waiting for the reg number which will be ready tomorrow afternoon :-) and just for fun its had another gbox fitted and some big ballz tunezz fitted ready ta rock da shopp


and still it continues. local bay in for some mechanical love


and his terryness was back in repairing the front screen surrounds ready for some special blend paint next week

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hey steve,
got wee note and recipts...
thanx again for this, enjoy your weekend fella...!
richie ;-)

Posted by: richierich37 | 07/01/2008

hey ritchie no worries. your engine spec will be with you in the morning. see ya soon


Posted by: beaker | 07/02/2008

hey steve,
got spec da day..... mint...!
see ya,
richie ;-)

Posted by: richierich37 | 07/03/2008

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