tuesbay another day lowering

robs bay in today for the t2d bay in a day lowering service and t2d front shocks. the before shot then ballz was on it, can ya see him


the during shot, having the tracking sorted at the front and also the rear as part of the service.


and the after shot. much better don't you think.

come see us at euro bug-in 2 where t2d will be giving the euro bug-in '67 bay panel the treatment.

and don't forget if you want your bay lowered in a day either email info@type2detectives.com or phone the shop +44 0 1638 743211 and don't forget to check www.t2d-blog.com 


jared getting to grips with another rhd bus in need of some t2d love.


paul setting up the panelbacks rear end in readiness for the euro bug-in 2, and some strip action

the c-words been getting marks irs on today then he's off to the g-bury. have fun charlie charles


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