wonderfully wicked and wild wednesday

been down to see mark at the j bros mot shop again today one time with freddies passat, until the pmed turned up to have a play, passed though and  freddie drove off a happy chappie back down to the south coast

2 times was with gingerbobs bug but not so good for rob as it failed on a couple of little things that will be sorted back at the workshop.


t2d's tame and sometimes friendly engine builder the gwal swung by to do whatever it is he does in the engine corner this afternoon, he was carrying the latest issue of everyones favourite vw mag volksworld with him, word on tha street is theres a pull out feature on the t2d link pin display bay with photos by me da beaks in it. sounds good to me but the gwal left that bit at home, a**e.  but the rest of the magazine is worth a read as well :-) as modelled by the hands of gwal


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