fer ho to's by beaks

as seen ova on da t3d blog http://typethreedetectives.skynetblogs.be/ , how cool are those posters ;-). jez has done a top job on this and some other stuff that you can see on the t2d trade stand at the volksworld show. or you can order a poster by emailing info@type2detectives.com


also for the t2d volksworld show stand trailer queen resto's have given the display beam a make ova, and what a difference. thats some fang dangley paintwork there :-) go check out http://trailer-queen-restos.skynetblogs.be/ for more


around this time last year

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oioi check out on my photoblog, CarreraSquare is on Display at Coys to be auctioned off this weekend at the Essen Techno Classica show!

Posted by: Kobus | 03/27/2008

hey kobus, yeah we heard it was going to auction again!
maybe see you at the voo woo?

Posted by: beaker | 03/27/2008

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