puppy ploppins

thanks to the p med for ploppin me van. what ya reckon shall i bag it

check the puppy plops on www.puppysblog.com

or the offical one http://typethreedetectives.skynetblogs.be/


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Bag it! If you don't bag it, you will always be asked if it is. Plus the facto that its easier in comparision then fitting springs as you know.

Posted by: PolandJohn | 01/24/2008

What springs is you wearing? can I bi this on Italy. Keep on blog beaker your pictores turn my on

Photas of da Muba bus caming to ya by da e-mail (you liks my beaker talking)

Muba N Naw The Italian Stallion

Posted by: Muba | 01/24/2008

good to here from you muba and thanks for your kind comments

Posted by: beaker | 01/25/2008

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