heres to the oh eight


Happy New Year and a good tuesday to you. heres to the '08 for more of the same but newer and fresha. thanks to all that visit me lil o' blog. hope you enjoy my awesome ploppin'

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happy new year de beaker !
see you all soon

Posted by: JEAN PAUL | 01/01/2008

happy new year beaker and ean paul, let the 08 good times roll..

Posted by: paul | 01/01/2008

happy new year ..;see you soon

Posted by: arno | 01/03/2008

when are you planning on lowering your van, looks like you might have trouble getting into carpark up there.

Posted by: the duke | 01/03/2008

looking good, hope you have as much fun with it as I did.

Posted by: MR C | 01/03/2008

hey chris, hopefully ;-)

Posted by: beaker | 01/04/2008

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