racey day

marks bay back from the trimmers


where its been for a new headliner. another top class trim job by ian.


dans fasty now with fresh front end


tonight was the t2d/ busbarn christmas karting challange. it was a top race and thanks to all involved. i didin't get any photos but pmed and claire got some.

well done to busbarn ben on coming first with t2d alex a very close second, busbarn karl was 3rd with me da beaks in 4th t2d paul was 5th and i can't remember the others, there was about 14 of us. i spent most of the race in 3rd but on what turned out to be the last lap i ran wide and busbarn karl was through, crap, well the track was cold and slippy and there must have been some diesel split where i ran wide!!! oh and appologies to busbarn paul who experienced the beaker chop, whoops. right whens the next one, gotta loose some weight get fit and think of some better excuses!! :-)




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Rah Rah Rah Fuck all your diesel spill crap, i spanked your arse, im 3rd and you were 4th i think you'll find that makes you a loser.. .... no, good race beaker,honestly..... love your corner approch and follow through LOL

Posted by: Karl | 12/18/2007

yeah those diesel go-karts are good!!

Posted by: 2 starters | 12/19/2007

;-) for real

Posted by: ll c beaker | 12/19/2007

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