what a diamond g

thanks to matt the ambo is now lowerised, 70mm all round with t2d spec shocks. it rides really nice and was great fun on the frozen roads last night.

ballz was on it last night, and again thanks matt. top bannananaa


old and new, they were the biggest t25/ t3 springs eva, matt even had to get the spring compressors out!!


i've been to collect the latest t3d square


shame about the tyre, it wasn't just flat but off the rim baby, nothing the winch couldn't handle. hopefully santay might bring us an electric winch ;-)


on the way there i went passed this double decker grave yard, they was everywhere, even some single deckers


now that is a bus stop

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the Type 25 Detective Great job Mr Beaker on your ambo. ! I'll make the same thing on my panel ... the t2d spec. shocks are available easily ?

Posted by: lilie | 12/16/2007

Love the look of my old bus now ya slammed it. I had some real fun in that. I hope you have some good times in it too.

Posted by: Mr C | 12/16/2007

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