its a g thing baby

chris red square out an' about for the mot


which it flew through


g to the a to the w l.   linde crank, flywheel, clutch and con rods back from being balanced and in the hands of gwal. not long till it'll be ripping it up in the linde again. rippa


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more pics of you more pics of beaker plse, BTW how tall are you? and r u single wnt 2 meet up @ a show? are you going 2 Ninave? Me and 2 m8s will be there.


Posted by: jazmin | 11/24/2007

BTW I am a US chick livin in Lakenheath, i've got a 72 super bug

Posted by: jazmin | 11/24/2007

alright matt ;-)

Posted by: beaker | 11/24/2007

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