ssvc swap meet at the ace cafe

paul ballz fickie dan and myself were up early on saturday morning to go down to the ace cafe ssvc swap meet. paul and ballz took the lpb westy down.


dan and the fickie back


ace place


breakfast time

more photos to follow


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Hey Dan - Champignons ou Jambon !!!! -

Posted by: jean paul | 11/12/2007

see you at the Ace.... Next year! left Brussels 4.40 in the morging Sunday did a Quick Slough Run and Back... but next year definetally going for ACE and SLough again!

Posted by: kob | 11/12/2007

yeah i did wonder where the k man was, wish i'd gone to slough. see ya in the ninove kob

Posted by: beaker | 11/13/2007

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