karmann get it

catalogue paul with his other new addition to the family. a flash t4 karmann gypsy, new rims and springs on the way along with some other styling updates.


again again again, i know,  but come on

thats some bayness right there


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ME like LPB... I was wondering what ballz did on his late to get it that low?

Posted by: roland | 10/13/2007

tuff stuff.

Posted by: ballz | 10/13/2007

Thats a mighty fine family waggon!
Cant beat a T4 for some super comfort.. rock on!

Posted by: Claire | 10/16/2007

yeah vans cool and pauls giving karl a run for his money with his stance :-) what a kamper

Posted by: beaker | 10/19/2007

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