clean original paint squareback

first up a big well done and congrats to paul and his partner kerry on the birth of their daughter lilly Smile. big smiles all round today. and unlike her dad she was on time if not early


i've been down to kent today to the docks to collect this safari biege squareback


its got a lovely bit o' pat and tina


this ford pickup was sat in a corner looking all dejected and unloved with pallets round it, shame


ohh popstar, why roll round in a bright orange murcielago and hide behind a piece of paper, maybe because its not an lp640! ha

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Square Pricing Hi,

How much for the squareback? I live in Holland, so it would need to be shipped, is this possible?

Posted by: Daan | 10/10/2007

I think it might be sold, but please email if the sale falls through i'll email you paul@type3detectives.com

Posted by: t3D | 10/11/2007

hey paul remember our night together in '91 in your flat in southend when we lay on the floor like two spoons in a draw on your rug by the fire :-)
good times and some bad!!

Posted by: keith | 10/11/2007

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