the futures bright, the futures bay

the ballz has been busy gettin his late bay rollin on burners, and spare on the front too


ball scraping

no bags no juice just ballz

road markings by ballz

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oh yes... Remove the spare and it's a winner...

Posted by: roland | 10/08/2007

hey roland
i'm kinda liking the spare on the front flava
more room in the back ;-)

Posted by: beaker | 10/08/2007

just you wait, everyone will want one.

Posted by: ballz | 10/08/2007

I already want one, but without the spare... Who needs a spare anyway?

I think the green moss on it is really a nice touch. maybe i should let my cab under a tree for this winter.. ;)

God that bus is hard... Me want.

Posted by: roland | 10/08/2007

Hey Roland Everything at T3D is for sale, i've know the founder Paul since 1992 and he'd sell his own sister. Get on the phone and make the dude an offer (on the bus not his sister). That bay looks tight, propper whack. As always T3D do it again. Get a tyre on the rim i bet it will look tuff.

Posted by: Scott | 10/09/2007

I don't think what i have to offer these days is enough for these gentlemen. I mean, you gotta pay for the right stance...

Posted by: roland | 10/09/2007

not t3d but my own home project, found it in a bush were it had been for 4 yrs.

Posted by: ballz | 10/09/2007

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