lookin back on linde

the linde van went to live with a new owner yesterday :-(. it went to live with a very good friend of t3d/ t2d in the form of ben, who also owned the rustbus for a while, look after her ben and enjoy it. here are some photos of when paul and i collected da linde from the bug box a few years ago.


it was a very white feburary in bravaria


the journey back was way fun with no heaters and safaris. we bought a heater on route but it was a battle with the blue paper to keep the water out!


rock on. a stop to get yet more layers on!!


another stop this time to get some gaffer on the safaris


the autobahns were great fun and a good oppotunity to see whats what


after a few gallons of red bull we made the eurotunnel, and after being stopped at both french and british customs, they loved the van "you drove from where??", we were on the tunnel


then back in burwell after many more red bulls. many happy memories

have fun da ben

and to see it in its last day at t2d check the guvs http://typethreedetectives.skynetblogs.be/

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