ova rays place


matt and i have been ova to rayvern hydraulics again this evening to collect some bits for the airblack front beam, that matts makin, from matts mate ray. ray has finally finished his trick vento, it came out of paint saturday and was debuted at the edition 38 show in northamptonshire at the weekend. it went down a storm by the sounds of it and expect to see it on the front cover of performance vw real soon.


the only door that still opens as intented is the front left, the drivers is a lambo style opener but the backs open out and up ova the roof. the tailgate opens back and out and the hood is side hinged. all mad mods and difficult to get right from what ray was saying


engine hidden


restin on da floor


its for sale as well, ray is already planning his next project. check his site for contact details and email him if ya want the trickest vento http://www.rayvernhydraulics.com/ 


other projects on the go include this original paint step side


super slammed zodic evolving nicely


the company truck is going to get the ray treatment soon and he's keeping original paint


and the demo car is still lookin tuff

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