old skool t3d vid clip

bit of an old vid clip from way back in dem days, its alex loading a notch old skool style, check his lack of hair.
the quality is poor i know, its from an old camara.
and there is no sound it wasn't invented then.
more vids to follow i hope

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ahhh Alex looks about 12! lol

Posted by: Kel | 08/20/2007

:-) thats the very thing i said to him this morning.
we're starting the "get alex to cut his hair" blog !

Posted by: beaker | 08/21/2007

Noooooooo! :-O
It would be a crime if Alex cut his hair!
Beaker, I think you should grow yours to match :-).

Posted by: Kel | 08/21/2007

hey kel i had long hair way way back in the early nineties, it was wrong!!
if only it would grow long :-)

Posted by: beaker | 08/22/2007

haha post up some pics!!

Posted by: Kel | 08/23/2007

it'll never happen, those pictures are locked away never to see the light of day again!
its just too much ginger even for my liking! ha :-)

Posted by: beaker | 08/23/2007

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