600 +bhp mk1 golf 4wd



one of the local bodyshops to us is run by some proper golf nutz and this is their latest toy.



engine is based on a 1.8turbo and has got 600 + bhp, an audi tt for wheel drive system running two limited slip diffs, the biggest intercooler this side of a truck and a turbo to match, and it weighs nothing and its going to be gettin carbon fibre bonnet, front wings and doors to go even lighter!



peter has been doin some bits for it in his machine shop



super clean underneath as well. its going to be seeing some serious quarter mile work and it should be in the 10's when run in. madness


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re:600bhp mk1 golf Hi, very keen on undertaking a similar project. have never seen the tt drivetrain used before...is there anywhere else i could get more info from on fitting such a system?

Posted by: daniel | 01/05/2008

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