alright pal



pauls growing obsession with all things nee saan seems to be gettin bad now, here he is in his latest pao, and news on the grapevine is that he's got a very nice low mileage original paint bluebird comin in real soon!! ha

barry toombs would be proud if he could see this (pauls old drivin instructor who also loved the nee saan).




alex bustin a move by jays notch which is lookin way cool now but you'll ave to check the t3d blog for more photos. my photos will be up on sunday.




robs bug now with added punch out back




the g man in to tune robs bug, and on a day off from his day job. good work pal


al's gi ha


al on his way home to fit some new rimage for the open day, it could be for sale so bring some large, about 6 ish



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