ova on samba



really cool photo as found on www.thesamba.com of joe and jo g's race cars

magna and paul


and this charmin one of paul taken by charlie high 1500, i think thats magna bever in the passenger seat.

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??? What on earth do you mean Mr Beeks!

"Charlie High 1500" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Charlie | 07/07/2007

get it down charlie, or the lowering police might come and get ya :-)

Posted by: beaker | 07/07/2007

No way man!

I like being different to all the sheep out there with lowered dubs! lol ;-)

plus - I really can't be arsed!

see ya at the open day dude - (I hope!?!?!? - still not 100% I can make it yet - the notch has got wedding day duties the day before at a friends wedding so all depends on how much ale I consume!)

Posted by: Charlie | 07/08/2007

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