da beaks is back



i'm back from amsterdam. and here are some photos from my phone from my time there, well the photos i can show!!



a very popular theatre in the red light district, not sure what show was on but there was a lot of people queing to get in, must ave been a good one



theres a lot to see and do at night in amsterdam, it never stops



even just window shoppin is fun!! well it was for these dudes



and in the day light, theres a lot of water to cross



boats everywhere, and trams which make no noise and bikes, but don't get in the way of the bikers, they don't like that :-)



its a dinkle thing



the must have car for amsterdam, sounds like a scootay but is a car that can carry two people, well i saw two people in one which looked cramped, and you can park them almost anywhere but they look like a ****** designed it !


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