wish you were here




beakersblogs rovin reporter 4t4 jay and his better half clare are on their holidays down in cornwall and they sent me a few photos



lovin the satin finish on this split



what a view




nice and relaxin



even with grey skies that sea looks inviting, the 5ync mobile ready for some sand action



check that beach as sponsored by beakersblog.com. sweet

nice one jay and clare have fun now.


i'm also off for a few days in amsterdam, hopefully i will be doing some bloggin from there. beaks


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Still smokin their then Beeker. Get a suck for me

Posted by: oz bloke | 06/21/2007

Last time i went it was 50 guilders for a bag of finest and a trip down tokyo strasse!!
have fun herr beaker ..

Posted by: pv paul | 06/22/2007

I live for 6 month a year here, it is not just a bout the sexy times and smokin for me. Try checin out the music shops and flea markt and also the great eateries


Posted by: Rotton Comics | 06/23/2007

Have a good holiday you deserve it.

Posted by: Laura | 06/24/2007

thanks everyone

Posted by: beaker | 06/25/2007

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