big wheel up


and don't forget the t3d open day in da burwell 29th july '07

its goin to be the best yet, with a belgium convoy organised by the fred miester http://vw1500s.skynetblogs.be/ 


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cant wait i've had my eye on your blog for some time now and i thought i'd put up my first comment. I LOVE it being a single women it's hard to find people with the same interest's. I'll be coming to the open day if i can get the time off. can't wait to meet you in person.

Posted by: lil bugger | 05/13/2007

Did you get home from Stanford Hall ok Sara? Hope the tip worked out on your top pulley. See you at club night or at the open day. Get time off it's worth the trip

Posted by: karl | 05/15/2007

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