now thats magic debbie



the magic bus, as seen on tv, is back in its old home of burwell, seen here outside the post office - one of my regular haunts! not a bad way to go to the post office, big motor and safaris open with the sun out. ha and i call it work :)

good to see ya back in burwell george, see ya again soon


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Happy Birthday Happy Birthday old boy, not long until your balls drop......off


Posted by: Doctor_D | 04/17/2007

Happy Birthday Hope you had a great birthday Beaker

Posted by: Kel | 04/18/2007

Wanna Bum?

Posted by: Fred | 04/18/2007

thanks for all the kind wishes. : )
its good to be another year older!!

Posted by: beaker | 04/18/2007

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