late night squareblack



late last night while most relax t3d keep going



for me it was mainly spent underneath polishing, it was an absolute pleasure, i polished places i've never polished before.



you may not get to see the underneath at the volksworld show what with it being on the floor. its worth the effort to have a look under though.



the squareblack was in a sea of bugs last night

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i ams louvin das blogf. alsso ur long bodys. we meet? i hiave pictoratautre ofs u i enjoiys at nappy naps times . xxxxx. x

Posted by: helmut von pleasen | 03/28/2007

hi helmut thanks for your kind comments helmut and i am glad you have a pic of me at nappy nap times, makes me feel real good huh. i have a pic of you as well ;)

Posted by: beaker | 03/29/2007

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