euro 2004

some random photos from euro 2004. an excellent show
reg ina


a bit of a fuzzy regina and from da wales too.

oh sweet regina

ben the sven


the now ex dj ben the sven twin slider


linde love


the linde

mad box


thats a mad box            that

classic morley


paul in classic dan the toot pose, its all in the hand
higher or lower


on route to six flags we stopped in a lovely dutch town called amsterdam, very nice with lots to do and see there. also good to get the low merc next to a stocker

da challet


the partay chalet we rented
da dam

back in da dam

off shoppin and a nice coffee
six flags

six flags holland
not me

last two riders are rich selecta and pappy medhouse

aircult single cab
poggy power

poggy powered

bed and barby que
big rim bay

and one for the bay tripper. big rimmed bay to you

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