it all happens on saturday



hotel t3d went to the new owners, seen here in classic handover shot


garry was over having his ride righted on his quest to be nearer the road.


garrys new chrome lady. keepin the truckers safe in those laybys!!


and down she goes, now what wheels garry??



inside the garry mobile he has his lucky lama guiding him on his adventures with jesus on his shifter


leemund teacher and his mobile woodwork shop lookin fresh on its new burners


the pet also liked it especially when he saw the booze come out


oh if only!!


lees wasn't the only bay around on saturday this one was just out of the lowering shop.


then the stunt team came out for some fun


who gave him the tigers!!


then the bannana boys turned up with t25 in pursuit


matt and paul went the extra mile after a long day at work to get the wheels on, it looks so much better for it. it also features a t2d t25 lowering kit




what a day and i was only there a couple o hours

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ggggday from down under you guys are crazy for sure. i love all the vans you do but the bays are best any combi shots? keep it up
carrazy chris

Posted by: carrazy bay | 09/24/2006

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