some stoopid ness from spa


meat just get me meat


too much meat.

or was it from too much booze saturday night!! hhhhmmmm

sorry matt


pennies from heaven


just chillin


meanwhile outside unaware

what the ...... is going on here then??

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nicey a new member to meat

Posted by: meat and two | 09/06/2006

Hey Beaker I am thinking that pose is quite a sexy one!

You look like a nice, check me up next time you on a trip to spa

Check me out, shall i send photos of my blog ;)

Posted by: Ingrid | 09/12/2006

hey ingrid yeah baby send photos

Posted by: beaker | 09/12/2006

hi x hey maybee you tell me your email, and i send them
i send you nice pictures, not for blog ;)

Posted by: Ingrid | 09/14/2006

hi ingrid mail me beaker@beakersblog.com
lookin forward to it xx

Posted by: beaker | 09/14/2006

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