its a milky adventure


milky was over the workshop on saturday just for a chill out day, so we soon talked him into a little river ride, i say river more like ditch!


going in, paul helped milky in the boat with a helpfull push................


..........but he made it in the boat.................


and he didn't mind the realistic storm conditions, i say storm more like a big bucket full of water!!

it was a good laugh. cheers the milk meister

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Milch meister und er kümmerte sich nicht die um realistischen Sturmzustände, sage ich Sturm mehr wie eine grosse Wanne voll Wasser es war Beifall eines guter Lachens das Milch meister

Posted by: gunt | 08/02/2006

cheers danke für die Art kommentiert mein guter Freund. beaker

Posted by: beaker | 08/03/2006

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