saturday night


me trying milkys glasses on, later that night these glasses broke, we were in a gentlemens club (read lapdancing club) when it happened!! good work karl..


what can i say.

it was a good night.

thanks kobus for the pictures.

and sorry matt if this gets you in trouble.

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NOOO! NO PICTURES HERE!!! she screamed :-) hehe, good times

Posted by: Kobus | 07/19/2006

??????? Who's the bald guy in the side of the photo, is that a beaker look alike?

Posted by: Claude | 07/20/2006

hey claude hey claude your right there, its also a beaker wannabe!!

Posted by: beaker | 07/21/2006

Yes Yes yes yes that red thing......Mmmmm, see you Marc

Posted by: Cadillacman | 07/21/2006

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