al on a ped

heres al having a scoot about on disco steves vespa. if it wasn't for his hurty neck he would have been on the back wheel.

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Hot Chick Alert Wow she's HOT with a maxi H. a chick into dubs and vespa's. If only I lived closer to England, does she work at THE T3D too beeker?

Posted by: Daniel | 05/12/2006

Girl! I love hot ladies on bikes, more picture of the lovley girl naked please she makes me weak at the knee!

Posted by: Herman | 05/13/2006

Not for gunter!!! Gunter not like. gunter thinks she looks a little ruff, but if you have naked photos please email them to gunter. gunters email home is gunter@barbwire.com gunter like the areas which are shaven or balded no hair for gunter

Posted by: gunter | 05/14/2006

It's a bloke Al is for ALecs he works down there at type three, he works in the workshop

Posted by: Dale | 05/14/2006

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